Enjoy up to the double protection compared to the usual deposit
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No deposit. Double protection. Faster payouts.
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The flatbond
Tenants pay only one week of rent as a fee instead of a six weeks deposit and remain liable for damages
Competitive Advantage
Attract a larger pool of reputable tenants who successfully passed background and credit checks
Improved Payout Terms
Avoid frozen deposits and re-let quicker - flatfair pays out faster than the deposit schemes
Up to 12 weeks cover
The property is protected for up to 12 weeks worth of rent - that is double the amount compared to the usual deposit
Extra Cash
Landlords managing their own property earn up to £200 revenue share per flatbond for new and existing tenancies
Efficient & Compliant
Create flatbonds from any device and manage all your tenant communication from one place
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How it works
Enjoy double the security compared to the usual deposit and re-let your property faster
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Frequently asked questions.
Q1. How much does it cost?
flatbonds are free for letting agents and landlords. Your tenant pays flatfair one week of rent as a non-refundable fee, but remains liable for up to six weeks worth of rent.
Q2. What is covered within the 12 weeks protection?
The tenant is liable for any failure to protect the covenants of the AST agreement for up to 6 weeks worth of rent. In the unlikely event of excessive property damage, we offer an additional 6 weeks discretionary cover.
Q3. Why are improved payout terms so important?
Cutting edge payment technology enables flatfair to payout faster than the deposit schemes, contributing to quicker tenancy turnovers and reduced voids.
Q4. Do I still need to register a deposit?
No, the flatbond replaces the tenancy deposit, saving you time and money on deposit registration while giving you added peace of mind.
Q5. Can I convert an existing deposit into a flatbond?
Yes, simply create a flatbond on our online platform. Once your tenants approve, your property is protected and you are safe to release the deposit. flatfair pays landlords, who manage their own property, a 10% revenue share per flatbond - capped at £200.
Q6. When does a flatbond expire?
flatbonds expire in line with the initial tenancy end date and may be extended through our online platform.
Q7. How can I make a claim at the end of a tenancy?
Our online platform supports easy claim submission and negotiation between you and your tenant.
Q8. What happens in case of a dispute?
In case of disagreement between the parties, an independent government authorised dispute resolution provider will decide on the case - just like with the deposit schemes.
Q9. What if tenants won’t pay flatfair after a tenancy?
flatfair is covered by leading European insurers for debt collection and contract disputes.